Hi There!

My name is Daniel Diaz, and I am a Software Engineer living in SoCal.

About Me

I am a Computer Science(B.S.) and Political Science(B.A.) graduate from the University of California, Irvine.
I love to code and specialize in web applications. When I am not coding you might find me sailing, taking photos, scuba diving, or volunteering with JDRF.

Blood Glucose Stats

Loading Blood Glucose Data...
A person without Type 1 Diabetes has an average blood glucose reading of 120. The graphic shows whether I am above, below, or at average.

Using AWS Lambda (NodeJS) and API Gateway, I am able to retrieve real time data regarding my current glucose reading. I hope to develop analytics and insights into glucose readings to help Type I Diabetics better manage their Diabetes.


When it comes to application development there are many languages to choose from, a few of the languages I specialize in include Python, C++, and C#.NET. Below you can check out a few of the many interesting projects that I work on.

3D Reconstrution Pipeline

This Website

Search Engine


Let's work together to accomplish something great!